Jean-Pierre Dodel is a wildlife and documentary photographer based in Miami, with a deep passion for the rich South Florida ecosystem, conservation, and the outdoors in general. He was raised in a mixed cultural environment where music and art in general were important pillars of everyday life. His father, an avid amateur photographer himself, gave him his first camera (dSLR) at the age of 14 and was instantly drawn to experimenting with it. After moving to Florida in 2005 he quickly developed a deep appreciation for this unique natural environment, exploring a wide range of locations throughout South Florida, observing wildlife, learning from their behavior, and honing his artistic approach to bird and landscape photography.

He has exhibited his work in well-established art galleries, including Art Basel in Miami, published wildlife images on National Geographic’s Travel site, and licensed photos to commercial wildlife/travel and sports publications. You can follow him on his Facebook page.

Jean-Pierre is also passionate about technology, and during his spare time he created the most comprehensive set of Adobe Lightroom Keyword lists (for tagging images) available for nature and wildlife photographers, based on the extensive ITIS government database (over 150,000 plants and animal species), an essential cataloging and classification tool for Lightroom and Aperture users.

In parallel to his wildlife body of work, he has an equally deep interest in urban/social documentary photography leading him to a profoundly important project for him, working with a non-profit organization in Miami (Direct Initiatives to Support Haiti – DISH) with a focus on healthcare and education in Haiti.

In collaboration with DISH, he is leading an art development initiative in Haiti, working at first with a small school in a remote rural area on the western coast, involving around 50 children. The objective is to expose these children to artistic and visual expression and exploration through rudimentary photography, giving them the freedom to capture life around them, collectively painting a rich social and cultural picture. This project will also give them the experience of being part of an art project and feel connected with an international audience.